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I'm always yours....

Sachi finally has new clothes XD   Thanks,  Alex!!! I Luv it!! It is her first time designing and sewing clothes for MSD size.Sachi is very happy to be your 1st MSD size model!! LOL
Anyway...I STILL LUV IT!!! XD  
The concept of the design is Korean mix with Japanese, but modern style coz Sachi is Half Korean and Half Japanese ^ ^


I'm sooo bored when I'm at home.Luckily, I had Sachi Kun and Mr.Bear to play with...Hahaha...

Sachi Kun need clothes~~

Sachi Kun is bored with his clothes..He's wearing the same purple shirt and jeans....
That's y i need to get new clothes for him -_____-
If anybody had group order from Dollmore, Kon'Doll,etc., I want to join da group order also..hehe^^
Must get new clothes for Sachi Kun, b4 his eyes turn red...Yup, Sachi Kun is really bad tamper..
When he's angry, his eyes will turn from blue to red...And will bcome another person
*scary* @.@

Miss You!!!

After 3 loooonnnggg yearssss, Mr. Bear still can't find Sachi Kun...He had search for him the whole house and still no sign of Sachi Kun...Poor Mr.Bear....He didn't get enough sleep....

Who is here? o.O

Today, we r having a doll meet-up at Zenmai, Sunway Pyramid. Those who attended the meet-up were

lavhire, joeykaiba, bloodscent, Yuki and the other 4 friends...can't remember their names...GOMENE!! >.<

It's been a looooong time


michiru said she doesn't hav 
the time to take care of them, so I babysit them for a few weeks.
Here r da pics of them sitting on the bench which is supposed to b sitted 
by porceline dolls on the display cabinet..hehehe ^^"

Shue Hae in his cool pose~~XD

Yuzue is taking a nap on the bench ^^" 

Now...The Close Up Pics..

The beanie & the scarf belong to the porceline doll..They really fit well on MSD ^.^

Extra pic~~

My little brother posing with Yuzue & Shue Hae XD

That's all for today. 1 more thing, I'm gonna get my own boy soon from LUTS who is Kid DELF BOY - Cherry XD
Not getting U from DOD anymore. I'm gonna order him on May or June. Wish me luck~~</font></div>

A Dollfie Shop in China Town? O.o"

Ytd night, went out dinner in KL wif my family,so Dad asked me to drove da car.
Suddenly, I went to da wrong road, so Dad guided me to take da Chee Chiong Kai road.
When we at da restaurant, my bro told me,"Did u see a doll shop at Chee Chiong Kai?"
I was like "NO" and wat type of doll shop is dat? My bro said the doll dat u really wish to buy.
I was so surprised coz i didn't notice it while I'm driving. O.O
After dinner, my bro asked me to look at da right side.
And it is a Dollfie Shop, but I dunno is it really da Dollfie Shop?
Coz on da glass windows, they put up 2 big posters of dollfie pics and inside look
pink to me and I think I saw some dollfie's clothes, if I'm not mistaken.
One day, I must go back there again whether is it really a Dollfie Shop dat really opens in M'sia? O.o


This gav me a very big shock! O.O

Is A Bad Luck

Last Tuesday, Mum asked me to go Bangkok with her on the 8th of Sept for 4 days wif her fren. I was like WOW!!BANGKOK!!YAHOO!!
so I could snap lots of interiors there and shop for clothes and shoes!!! YAHOO!!
Suddenly i had this terrible dream....My Mum said not going to Bangkok anymore coz she's going to China wif her other fren...so sad....
Then I woke...and think dat it was just a dream...
So..i get up...ready myself to college....then i saw my Mum came out from her room...and I asked her, "Mum, got to Bangkok tomorrow?"
Then she said "No" I was like OMG!! My dream do come true!! O.O
 But there r slightly different, she said coming Saturday hav to celebrate grandma's burfday with relatives...
Then again, my Mum's bro last minute suddenly said can't celebrate coz of my grandpa who passed away 88 days ago..coz the Chinese priest told my 3 uncles have to wait after 100 days can do whatever like party, etc. So, my Mum was like AHH!! She stared at me and quickly get her handphone to call her fren whether still can book the air-ticket to Bangkok, since it is a last minute booking...So her fren quickly call the agents and the agents said no more tickets...T.T
That is so sad...It was soooo close to go to Bangkok..but tickets sold out T.T 
So Mum said mayb next week might go to Bangkok >.<


Today.....Mum asked me to take Fashion Design coz she scared that if i work In Interior Industry, i will b a looser or an unsuccesful person...
She also said that Interior Design is so tough for me...And i was like "Yea...it is really tough for me...not dat easy"( hav to learn lots of materials @.@ )
I do really like Fashion...I did think of doing fashion...but it is like too late coz I'm in Interior now @.@
I wonder.....who made me go to Interior?....( I think is my Dad  =.=" )
Might quit TOA end of this year or graduate end of next year....( I think i wasted my parents money...Sorry Mum & Dad )
So...wat am I supposed to do....Fashion or Interior...AHHH!! MY HEAD HURTS!!
I need a counsellor now T.T